Warm Mix Asphalt System/Foaming System
Warm Mix Asphalt System/Foaming System
Warm Mix Asphalt System/Foaming System

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warm mix foaming device/warm mix bitumen



Warm Mix Asphalt System/Foaming System


Foaming bitumen system is consisted of  foaming unite, water dosing and supply unit,water replenishing unit, and controlling system. It has lots of the advantages compare with the normal mix bitumen. Foaming bitumen can be used under thetemperature 50-60°that much lower than the hot mix bitumen, Which can reduce the projectcost and pollution emission. Feed the foaming medium (water or vapour) into the high temperature liquid bitumen, the medium and the bitumen combine to the mist. The bitumen adhesion will be less and the volume will expand rapidly. This expansion is purely physical processed, the chemical property of the bitumen do not change.

Product Features

   Compared with the typical asphalt mixture, Warm Mix Asphalt process has the below advantages.

1. Lower temperature operation

Greatly reduce the hot mix temperature (30-50°). It minimizes the mixing and paving temperature and the smoke and odour emissions are greatly improved. In additional, it creates friendly working conditions for the asphalt workers.  

2. Economy benefit

It can reduce 30% fuel consumption and increase the proportion of recycled asphalt added (if have).

3. Environmental protection

With WMA the emission of pollutant smoke is greatly improved. Including CO / CO2, SO2/NOX etc. Lower mixing and paving temperature will result in reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

4. Good mixture performance

Foamed bitumen warm mix asphalt system/foaming system is a mature technology. According to the many times of mixture performance test both in lab and road, the all key parameters are proved of normal even higher than normal process mixture, No matter SBS bitumen or normal AC13/AC20. With this kind device user can reduce the aging of asphalt pavement, and improve performance on mixture.

5. Reliability

For assure the stable and service life of this device, we select the most famous brand to supply the key components. PRIMACH always keep pace with the international advanced technology.

Product parameters

Bitumen Rated Flow36-120 m3/h
Foam MediumWater
Water Pump Ratd Flow30 L/min( adjustable frequency )
Water ContentOrdinary:1-3%, modified:2-4%
Water PressureAppr. 1.6 Mpa
Volume of Heat Water Tank175L
Total Power2.05kw

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