Decanter Bitumen Melting System

Decanter Bitumen Melting System

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Decanter Barreled Asphalt Melter

Asphalt Melter is used for heating and dropping barreled asphalt, which heated by hot oil and burner. The hot oilheater can be separated with or combined into decanter.

Model                                       DLT-10

Capacity                                    10 t/h

Volume of bitumen pool            15m³    

Number of barrel                       28   or    32 barrels

Barrel orbit quantity                   2 lines

Outline dimension L*W*H  ≈11.9m×2.2m×2.55m

Heating mode                           Separated or combined Hot oil heater withburner


Decanter use hydraulic propulsion structure, main advantages:

1.      No need underground foundation, hardened ground will be ok.

2.      No need laying tray for barrels.

3.      Using hoisting device to move barrels, rather than manual work.

4.      Using turnover device to pull barrels, rather than manual work, without leakage.

5.      Using reinforced & sliding tracks to avoid distortion.

6.      Using spring doors to reduce heat loss.

7.      Low labor intensity, safe and reliable.

8.      Hot oil heater equipped with burner can be separated with or combined into decanter.

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