How to maintenance the pneumatic parts ?
The way of maintenance of pneumatic parts
1. Periodically clean the air filter and oil cup, clean the filter with solvent gasoline carefully, and blow with compressed air. Cups should be cleaned with soapy water.
2. The pneumatic devices lubricating is recommended to use special lubricants.(Pneumatic lubricating oil)Pneumatic devices selected to be equipped on the mixing plant are all to be world famous brand,if they could be rationally used in accordance with requirements, they would serve for quite a long time.
    A special kind of pneumatic lubricant oil of kinematic viscosity of 10mm2/s at 40℃ISO VG10 should be applied.
3. Pneumatic components’ life depends on the protection and regular maintenance, regular maintenance mainly refers to the air tightness of the external equipment inspection.
* Regular maintenance
Daily: release condensate
Check the oil, if necessary, oil should be refilled.
Check the oil flow
Every three month: Check out pipe's penetrability, clean the filters
Check-ups every two years is recommended , and replace the cylinder seals

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