Production Facilities

Production Facilities

Introduction to our main production facilities

Automatic processing equipment

1. Automatic welding robot    2. CNC plasma flame cutting machines 

Be responsible for the welding of critical parts of screen, dryer drum and Be responsible for cutting all kinds of plates according to size.

other  components. The welding parameters for each weld are constant The advanced machine with high accuracy and fast cutting speed perform the 

during welding, providing stable welding quality and ensuring the consistency high working efficient and quality standard. 

of parts. Greatly  improve the working conditions, workers only load and 

unload work pieces, far from welding arc, smoke, noise and other pollution;

Improve labor productivity and keep constant production cycle.


3.Precision shot blasting equipment   4.CNC bending machine  

Be responsible for mechanical derusting of all workpieces to ensure that Be responsible for bending various plates.

the surface of workpieces can meet the conditions of spray. High-precision grating ruler avoids the influence of machine body deformation

Shot blasting, carried out under sealed conditions with dust exhaust on bending accuracy, with higher bending precision, and the influence of bending

apparatus, can reach the specified rust removal grade and obtain even operation on workpiece deformation is minimized.

finished surface; closed operation without dust flying;high speed, high 

efficiency and stable quality.


Production equipment

1. Crane

The company is equipped with gantry, single beam and cantilever cranes of various specifications and models to meet the needs of production packing, storage, transportation, receipt and delivery.


Dedicated test bench

All parts are sand blasting before painting.

Each mixer has 24 hours continuous run test before ex-work and all current data can be traceable.

Every dryer drum has 24 hours test on the specialized test bench. All performance dates including current, concentricity, axial run-out are recorded by PRIMACH.

The control system needs 48 hours simulated condition test before ex-work for each plant.

1. Dedicated test of mixer 2. Vibrating screen test


3. Test of dryer drum