Science and technology bear the heavy trust of energy conservation---recycling ring

Science and technology bear the heavy trust of energy conservation---recycling ring


Current situation of domestic asphalt pavement

The only integrated hot recycling asphalt plant in China

Science and technology bear the heavy trust of energy conservation---recycling ring

Current situation ofdomestic asphalt pavement

In our country, most of thefirst grade and second-class highways are of asphalt pavement structure, andthe design life is generally 10 to 15 years, and they usually need to berepaired and overhauled once in 5 to 10 years。

During the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period from 2015 to 2020, China's expressways would produce 50 million tons of old mixture every year. The birth of hot mix plant recycling technology is to transport the old asphalt pavement back to the asphalt mixing plant after digging, then shred and crush intensively. According to the quality requirements of different layers of the pavement, matching ratio design is carried out to determine the proportion of the old asphalt mixture; recycling agent, new asphalt material, new aggregate, etc. are remixed into new mixture in a certain proportion in the mixer so as to obtain excellent new asphalt mixture and build recycled asphalt pavement. Tens of billions of resources can be saved for the country every year by means of hot recycling.

PRIMACH is born for roadconstruction. Driven by innovation, PRIMACH is focusing on environmentalprotection and assisting the reuse of highway waste asphalt. The integratedhot-recycling asphalt plant that was introduced to the market through technicaltransformation and independent research and development in 2014 is not only theonly one in China, but also the first one in the world. The integrated hotrecycling plant makes a brilliant appearance on the world stage with its uniquecharm.

The only integrated hot recycling asphaltplant in China

What's the magic of the integratedrecycling mixing plant?

Abandon the traditionalidea of piecing together the "regenerative function", redesign thewhole mixing plant to increase the capacity of the mixer by 30-40%. Even if themixing time is extended, the plant output can be guaranteed. Regenerationregarded as the "standard configuration" of the mixing equipmentbecomes an indispensable part of the whole set of plant, so as to get rid of aseries of defects such as higher height and complexity of traditional mixingplant, easy bonding of materials, reduction in production output, aging,extension of time, etc. The adding proportion of old materials can reach morethan 50% by means of systematic solutions. This asphalt mixing plantsaid to be born for regeneration, isa real recycling asphalt mixing plant.

The recycling technology ofthe old mixture not only saves the project cost, reduces the consumption ofenergy resources, but also avoids the land pollution and environmental damagecaused by the idle old asphalt. PRIMACH Machinery uses technology to protectthe green hills and clear waters of the global village!