Model Selection


How to locate the induction switch of the hot storage bin?

For example, locate the reject bin,First make sure the air pressure is enough,the position of the induction switch in the reject bin,Rotate the bin selection switch to the reject bin position ,confirm that the bin selection in place signal is activated,then turn the skip mode switch to the "manual" position,Press and hold the skip up switch, then the skip moves slowly until the induction switch of the reject bin is sensed and stops , At this time, release the skip up switch, press the skip stop knob, and turn the mode selection switch to the "memory" position, At this time, the system has memorized the position in the reject bin, Then loosen the skip stop knob, press and hold the skip down switch to move the skip to the position under the mixer.

Types of encoder in winch system:

There are two types for different use locations.

Protection switch of the hot storage bin:

1、Upper and lower overrun switch.2、Upper maintenance switch of  the hot storage bin.3、Emergency stop switch of   the hot storage bin control cabinet 4、Trolley stop switch of operation console .

Over temperature setting of the filter:

1、an electronic over temperature switch at the inlet of the filter.2、Computer parameters.

Temperature requirements of the filter during operation:

When working, the outlet temperature should not be lower than 80.

Sealing device of dryer:

Feed port, feed end seal ring, Rap ring, discharge end seal ring. 

What should be paid attention to in use of variable frequency fuel control system?

Correct relationship between frequency and oil pressure of frequency converter, If there is alarm signal on the touch screen, check the alarm reason .

Number of filter elements on the fuel line?What will happen if the filters are removed?

Two. The fuel injection valve will be blocked by foreign matters, resulting in loose closing and oil leakage during preheating .

How to use the cleaning mechanism of new heat exchanger?

After stopping the production, turn the blowing knob to the blowing position, and turn it back to the production position before preheating the next production.

What parameters and mechanisms need to be adjusted in case of abnormal combustion after ignition?

Maximum, minimum pressure;Air oil ratio control screw.

What should be done after the burner is electrified and before the first ignition?

Check whether the oil pipe and air pipe are connected correctly; wiring,the position of the lance,the position of the guard plate,the position of the IPC pilot,the position of the fotocell,the position of the gate。Check the servo system and air sytem,check the Motor running direction

How to backup the parameters of terminal IND320?

After calibration, the users can get the parameters.The menu path:[System Setup]→[Scale Setup]→[Get parameters].The ‘Zero Count’, ‘Load Weight’, ‘Span Count’ are displayed in this item.Write down these parameters and input these parameters the next time to calibrate.

In Motio If the scale is in motion when capture zero,the IND320 displays “Be Motion 0”

1.Check the scale configuration.2.Check the load cell.The replacement can be used to check if the load cell is damaged.3.Check the signal port of the load cell.Replace a terminal to check if the signal port is damaged.4.Check if the cable port is close.

Free Calibration IND320

  The Free Calibration provides access to the span calculation screen for precalibration of a scale without test weirghts.      The Free Calibration procedure is applicable for normal precision process control,and it’s forbidden in trade settlement status.Steps:1.Access to Free Calibration menu: ‘System Setup’→ ‘Maintenance’→ ‘Free Cal’2.Enter the load cell capacity and rated load cell output values in the associated fields:The total load cell capacity should be entered here.For example, for a tank with three 5000 kg cells,cell capacity would be 3 x 5000 kg or 15000 kg.3.Enter the excitation/response rate (mV/V) of the load cell, the sensitivity of load cell,which is usually included in the nameplate of the load cell.The value is always 2.00000mV/V.4.Empty the scale, perform [Zero Cal]5.Calibration OK.