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How to Choose the Site for Asphalt Mixing Plant?

Asphalt mixing plant site that occupies a very important position in the asphalt concrete pavement construction. Significantly influenced companies in the section of the road construction quality and construction costs. Different positions mixing station sitting, construction quality and construction costs are correspondingly different. Station location not only can determine the asphalt pavement construction progress, but also can largely determine the quality of asphalt.In the asphalt mixing plant sitting process, should highlight the main factors affecting site selection. Sitting of asphalt mixing plant has the following factors:1. Asphalt mixing plant and paving the scene in the distance.2. Asphalt mixing plant and materials in the distance.3. Transport conditions. If the situation is not clear when the road transport, shipping time will be spent too long during transport, and asphalt temperature will loss greater.4. Electric power supply. Determines the mixing station power supply is operating correctly.5. The available land area size. Because of the raw materials to be stacked with a certain space, the normal operation of vehicles need enough space, all asphalt mixing plant requires a large enough floor space to meet these requirements.6. Sites of natural conditions, station should be selected environmental and dry place.7. Environmental issues, the main consideration of asphalt mixing plant away from residential areas or densely populated areas, which can avoid causing air and noise pollution.

Comparison of Batch Type Asphalt Mixing Plant and Continuous Asphalt Mixing Plant

Generally, asphalt mixing plant is consisting of two types, batch type and continuous type; each type has its advantages. Then, how to choose the right one for your project? Here are some tips.The key factors to choose a right type of asphalt plant are project requirements. In detail, capacity and finished asphalt quality matters. PM has helped a lot of clients both domestic and abroad make right decisions on asphalt plant type, and we are glad to share them. First, let’s take a look at the characteristics and advantages of each type.Batch Type Asphalt Mixing PlantAt present, batch type asphalt mixing plant is the most popular due to the below: 1. Accurate weighing, precise screening and batching. Therefore, the finished asphalt mixture is of good quality.2. High efficiency, a single batch cycle is about 45 seconds and large capacity.3. The recipes of asphalt mixture produced by a batch mix asphalt plant can be adjusted easily, thus it produces various kinds of asphalt mixtures.4. It has wide applications, including highways, airports, national roads, city roads and country roads, etc.5. Easy operation. Nowadays, most batch mix asphalt plant is automatically controlled.Continuous Asphalt Mixing Plant1. As is known by its name, a continuous mixing plant will produce asphalt mixture in a consistent run once it is started. Aggregate drying, heating and mixing are all taken place in a drum. Compared with a batch plant, a continuous asphalt plant is simple in structure because it has no mixing tower and elevating system; therefore, it required less land, less maintenance cost. 2. However, due to lack of precise screening, it requires precise control over aggregate feeding at the very beginning of a production.3. A continuous asphalt plant required less initial investment compared with a batch mix one (with same capacity).WeighingBatch type asphalt mixing plant: weighed by weight, each different sizes aggregate is metered independently, thus it is much preciser.Continuous asphalt mixing plant: weighed by volume, which is relatively not so precise.MixingBatch type asphalt mixing plant: usually materials (aggregate, filler, bitumen, additives if necessary) are mixed in double-axles mixer, and mixing is conducted by batches, therefore, the mixing performance is even and homogeneous. Besides, the batch circle can be shortened or extended according to finished asphalt quality. What’s more, the way can be adjust very quickly and easily. All in all, a batch mix plant is an ideal equipment for high quality and special asphalt mixtures such as porous pavement, polymer modified asphalt pavement, emulsified asphalt pavement and RAP materials.Continuous asphalt plant: the mixing must be consistent, steady and long enough.Finial DecisionThe aforesaid tips are just for reference. The final decision is up to client. But in general, a batch mix asphalt plant is best for a large and medium-sized road construction project which requires high quality asphalt mixture. While a continuous asphalt plant is suitable for small and medium-sized road construction project which has tight investment.

How is our product packaged ?

Q: How is your products packaged?A: As a professional asphalt mixing plant manufacturer, we have professional packaging process and control.

How to locate the induction switch of the hot storage bin?

For example, locate the reject bin,First make sure the air pressure is enough,the position of the induction switch in the reject bin,Rotate the bin selection switch to the reject bin position ,confirm that the bin selection in place signal is activated,then turn the skip mode switch to the "manual" position,Press and hold the skip up switch, then the skip moves slowly until the induction switch of the reject bin is sensed and stops , At this time, release the skip up switch, press the skip stop knob, and turn the mode selection switch to the "memory" position, At this time, the system has memorized the position in the reject bin, Then loosen the skip stop knob, press and hold the skip down switch to move the skip to the position under the mixer.

Types of encoder in winch system:

There are two types for different use locations.

Protection switch of the hot storage bin:

1、Upper and lower overrun switch.2、Upper maintenance switch of  the hot storage bin.3、Emergency stop switch of   the hot storage bin control cabinet 4、Trolley stop switch of operation console .

Over temperature setting of the filter:

1、an electronic over temperature switch at the inlet of the filter.2、Computer parameters.

Temperature requirements of the filter during operation:

When working, the outlet temperature should not be lower than 80.

Sealing device of dryer:

Feed port, feed end seal ring, Rap ring, discharge end seal ring. 

What should be paid attention to in use of variable frequency fuel control system?

Correct relationship between frequency and oil pressure of frequency converter, If there is alarm signal on the touch screen, check the alarm reason .

Number of filter elements on the fuel line?What will happen if the filters are removed?

Two. The fuel injection valve will be blocked by foreign matters, resulting in loose closing and oil leakage during preheating .

How to use the cleaning mechanism of new heat exchanger?

After stopping the production, turn the blowing knob to the blowing position, and turn it back to the production position before preheating the next production.

What parameters and mechanisms need to be adjusted in case of abnormal combustion after ignition?

Maximum, minimum pressure;Air oil ratio control screw.

Difference between medium-pressure burner and high pressure burner

The medium pressure burner uses compressed air, while the high pressure burner does not;The inlet and outlet pipes are different;The pressure of high pressure pump is different.